About me

I create what my heart whispers it wants to become,
weaving worlds of wisdom and wonder and coloring consciousness, into dark spaces.
Light as a magical ingredient,
my pencils as portal tools.
Whirling wings guided by source.

I love…

Light and darkness, shadow play and unveiling, mirrors and reflection, pearls and shells, rainbow potential, golden laws, geodes, stones and crystals, dew drops, spider webs, Pacha mama’s mandalas, wisperweaving, touching textiles, heart space unfolding, heart space temple, dance of life, worlds of wisdom, ancient knowledge, alchemy, golden glue, symbolism, elements and their symbolics, birds, whales, cat beings, dragonflies, tents, tipis, and yurts… gardens, little worlds, mermaids, faeries, elves, dragons, extra-terrestrials, dream box of color, poetry Rumiwise, music from singing plants to hip-hop, mantras, lotus flowers and blossoms on spring trees, roots, snow, ice, treasures, heart to heart, flow motion, motherhood, soul food, ceremonials, inner children (and parents too), energy, reading life and the language of the universe, source, seeds, one way or another being me, being twotwo, 22 my number, just like 33, the double digits delights, synchronicities, symphonic symbioses, magic, each now, grateful grace, emphatic elders, Yolo youngsters, teal, tea time on inner eye lands, whisperweaving… and manymuch more.

Who am I, the eye of my heart.
I love life in all its ways of existence.
All its forms shapes and all that’s alive,
all to experience, to feel, to create,
to see and tinker… tender.
Beyond borders of boring dreams,
further than the edges of the nights time,
I weave my tale.
Golden temple. Heart space dance.
Every now, each presence beholds a present,
a message to read, to see as part of my selves.
The mirror of the worlds, as within so without.
Unfurling heart space and time.
A pearl floor that glows as a molten
and then frozen rainbow ice lake.
Ceilings as deep as high, ocean blue waves,
indigo mosaic with bright golden stars.
Flow motion, deep see pearls,
shells of shadow, ways of wisdom,
treasure tail mermaid.

Sistar Dragonfly